EdTech Startups Make College Students Better


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Entrepreneurs in the edtech industry are shaping the next generation of technology in higher education. From homework help to online mentoring, startups are expanding the possibilities of how college students will learn.

Based on the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 58% of first-time, full-time students who started their bachelor’s degree at a university in fall 2004 finished it within six years. Startups are ready with solutions to assist students with their academic troubles…

Relationships matter in education. Retention officers and professors are facing the obstacle of convincing students that college — despite its difficulties — is worth it. The student is not the only person impacted when he or she does not attend college and earn a degree. More debt and fewer qualified workers have a tangible impact on our nation’s economy. Some are finding that the best way to retain students is to support them once they’re at school.

Increasing support systems are critical for student engagement. The interactions between students can be strengthened through digital communities. Fidelis Education assists faculty in monitoring students’ goals by tracking coursework and activities. This learning relationship management system helps reduce attrition and identify the skills gap through online mentoring….

From TransTutors to CollegeSnapps, edtech startups are paving a new path for how education will be taught and learned by future generations.

Excerpt from article written by Shayla R. Price for The Huffington Post

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