The $10,000 Degree

Inside Higher Ed has a great story on Brandman University’s new competency-based bachelor’s degree:

The degree is also completely severed from the credit-hour standard… Brandman estimates the typical student will be able to complete the degree in 30 months. At $5,400 in tuition and fees per year, that means some students should be able to earn the bachelor’s degree for $10,000.

In order to accelerate learning, each student will have access to an academic coach and tutoring faculty. Which means that relationships matter more than ever. So it’s no wonder that Learning Relationship Management was called out as a key component in this emerging space:

Fidelis Education’s learning relationship management system (LRM) can work for institutions with competency-based degrees. Gunnar Counselman, the company’s founder and CEO, said one institution is using the system this way, and another 20 plan to create competency-based badges to supplement their core curriculums.

If you’re interested in learning more about how LRM can drive competency-based programming, just drop us a line!

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