Learning Relationship Management: A Glimpse into Colorado’s K-12 Future?

Great overview of LRM from Ed is Watching:

Learning Relationship Management: an idea that brings together the value of technology with the value of relationships in education.

And a prediction for how this might impact K-12 students in Colorado and beyond:

The concept has great potential, especially for giving greater hope and direction to students from families and communities where it’s hard to know what’s possible, to see the goal, and thus to be fully engaged and motivated to succeed in the classroom.

LRM is Hot in 2015

Great Forbes article on “5 Predictions for Education in 2015”:

2. The rise of the LRM

The LRM—learning relationship management software—akin to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for sales—will rise as a new category to make online and blended learning, competency-based learning, and the unbundling of the university far more fruitful and productive for learners, educational institutions, and employers. The trend will grow fast in higher education this year, followed by corporate learning and then K–12 education in future years.