Case Study: Lipscomb University

Everyone’s talking about competency-based education (CBE) these days. A quick Google Trends search reveals that it’s come out of nowhere to become one of the hottest topics in education:

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But here’s a question: What would it actually look like on your campus?

To get a taste for what it takes to pull off CBE, Lipscomb University, one of our earliest partners, gave us a glimpse into how they built out their world-class CBE program from scratch, leveraging LRM:

And don’t forget that it’s not enough to design a great CBE program for your students. You also need to hook it up to a pipeline of employers seeking those competencies. So here’s a look at how Lipscomb makes that pitch.

Walking the Talk

Every educational institution in the world says students come first. But how many of them actually walk the talk?

American Military University is one such place. As described in a recent article of Military Advanced Education, the organization is making a clear and direct investment in their students’ experience:

“Most colleges would say that the student has always been central to their efforts, but I am not sure that any of us had as clear a way to demonstrate that to students,” said Caroline Simpson, AMU’s vice president of student services. “LRM helps us show students that they take center stage.”

Specifically, AMU is using Learning Relationship Management (LRM) to ensure that every student has the 3 P’s:

  • A clear Purpose for their education
  • A concrete Path to help them achieve that goal
  • The right People to make sure they get there

So that’s AMU’s story. The next question is: What is your institution doing to walk the talk?

Case Study: Bryan University

Fidelis Education is privileged to partner with some of the most innovative education leaders in the world. Institutions like Arizona State, American Public University, and Lipscomb are pioneering their respective fields – from online learning to supporting non-traditional learners to competency-based education.

Today, we’re pleased to shine the spotlight on Bryan University. Based in Tempe, Bryan is a small school with a huge vision: Prepare every student for career success.

While many schools purport to focus on workforce outcomes, Bryan is actually walking the talk. Namely, it has reimagined its entire student experience to ensure that all Bryan students are ready to hit the ground running – from the moment they walk off the graduation dais.

Learn more about this revolutionary new approach in the presentation below – as well as how Bryan is leveraging Learning Relationship Management to support students every step of the way: