Changing the Conversation

LRM’s impact on key outcomes is clear and easy to measure. However, what’s just as important but less transparent is how LRM influences the “black box” of student-advisor relationships.

While many institutions assume these relationships are going well, there’s little visibility into their substance. And as it turns out, half of students nationwide aren’t fully satisfied with their advising experience. Which is a big problem when you consider that a high-quality advisor can reduce attrition by up to 40%.

But now, LRM is opening up the black box and shedding light on this critical relationship. And in doing so, it’s changing the conversation from a focus on pure process (e.g., just approving next semester’s registration plan) to the bigger picture (student goals and career plans).

Here’s what Alisa Kerns, who supports Admissions and Student Services at American Public University, had to say about the topic:

“The biggest change for the coaches since introducing LRM is the type of conversations that are held with the students. The coaches have been able to move away from the ‘process’ and focus on the student’s goals and needs. This may sound simple, but it has made a huge a positive impact. Not only do our students love the individual attention, but it also empowers the coaches (which is the perfect term for describing what they do). I have always said that LRM would change the way the university operates, and so far I have not been proven wrong. ;)”

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