LRM Has Arrived

By: Gunnar Counselman, Founder & CEO

The CODiE Awards just announced that Learning Relationship Management (LRM) will have its own category in 2016.

To us at Fidelis, and to me personally, that’s a pretty big and exciting deal. It’s the latest and potentially biggest thing to happen that suggests that LRM is taking its rightful place alongside SIS, and LMS as a must have technology for schools that care about outcomes, and for companies that want to partner with those schools.

After all, it was just just 14 short months ago that we introduced the first commercially available LRM. I distinctly remember contemplating the risk of starting a new category of edTech with my board, agonizing over the decision with my brilliant partner and wife Anna Counselman, and then deciding that taking the risk was the best way to accomplish our mission: to transform the way the world learns to make it fundamentally relational and personalized.

My favorite accomplishment is always the next one, but I think it’s nice to occasionally pause to chronicle how far you can come in a short time.  Here’s the last year in review that led us here:


2012 Linda Baer and John Campbell introduce the term Learning Relationship Management


July: Fidelis introduces the first commercial LRM

July: EdSurge overs LRM

Sep: Bloomberg West covers LRM, Fidelis closes our 5th deal

Oct: Ecampus news covers LRM

Nov: Getting Smart covers LRM


Jan: Ed is Watching gives LRM its first K12 press

Mar: The first 3 case studies on LRM are published

June: the LRM Alliance is launched as an industry group to promote relationship management for education

July: Education Dive goes deep into LRM further pushing the message to K12 and higher ed

Aug: LRM crosses the Centennial boundary.  100 organizations around the world are using LRM.

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