Taking a Tutoring Relationship Beyond Content: 3 Things Your Students Need to Succeed

By Gunnar Counselman, CEO of Fidelis Education, Featured in the November issue of eCampus News

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“Analysts in higher education are overcomplicating retention and graduation problems. I’m going to keep it super simple, so simple in fact that there’s an acronym mnemonic device to help remember it — The 3 Ps of Success™ .

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EdTech That Connects: Learning Relationship Management

By Julia Freeland Fisher with the Clayton Christensen Institute

“Over the past few years, a new category of EdTech platform has popped up across K–12 and higher education called the learning relationship management system (LRM). LRMs join a larger wave of student-centered, next-generation infrastructure tools that put individual students—rather than instructors, courses, or compliance-driven data collection—at the center of learning systems architecture. Specifically, LRMs not only enable learning pathways that can guide students on individual paths to success, but also allow users to flex another resource often ignored in the course of instructional design and delivery: relationships. Looking ahead, these platforms could serve as an architectural backbone to an education system that optimizes not only for what students know, but also their access to networks and power.

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ICYMI: Donnell Kay + Fidelis @ iNacol

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We teamed up with the Donnell Kay Foundation to present how they leverage technology and relationships to cultivate student agency. Specifically they discussed their relationship strategy and reasoning behind using LRM to support it.

Find the presentation here:

inacol agency presentation.2015