2015 Reflections: Donnell Kay & Reschool

Colleen Broderick from Donnell Kay foundation’s ReSchool Colorado writes about their 2015 Reflections on the Learner Advocate Pilot.

One of the lessons being: “Let practices and scale drive a need for the digital tool.”

She writes:

“When we were introduced to the Fidelis platform, its capability to support students in important ways aligned with the ReSchool vision. communicate a clear purpose, to pursue a personalized pathway and to cultivate a network of people to help accomplish their purpose reflected a level of agency we hope all students have the opportunity to achieve. As we entered the pilot, it became evident that our partners were also working to improve practices to support students in this drive for agency. For example, some were developing new curriculum, while others were building in strategies to help students connect with mentors. In the same way we recognized the tension that emerged from organizational and individual goals, we recognized that we introduced another tension between practice and technology. The instructional practices and structures to support students in their quest for agency was most important to get right first, before adding in the complexity of a new technology solution to manage the process and relationships.”

So with ReSchool’s help, we’ve decided to work with them to create our hack “Hacking LRM: A How To guide”, the solution to starting LRM right away without the sophistication of the technology, meant for smaller programs.

You can access ReSchool’s complete 2015 Reflection here.

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