7 Simple Ways to Connect with Those You Tutor

Tis the season of giving & connection. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, staff member, or advisor, even the smallest gesture can go a long way.

Check out these 7 simple ways to create human connection while saving time, money, and personalization.


1. Send an e-card

Electronic cards are a severely undervalued way to send holiday greetings at scale and with a personal feel. With endless options, it takes typically 15 minutes to build a card, upload an email list, and send away. It beats sending a plain text email 9 times out of 10.

Most companies even take personalization to the next level by allowing for personalization tags and changing up some of the language for individual receivers of the card.


2.  Make an Introduction

You may happen to be the point of connection for most students or staff members you interact with.  Making an introduction between students, students and staff, or staff members is a great way to show individuals you care about their personal interests.

All it takes is a quick email or a couple of minutes after class to formulate a potentially powerful bond.

relationships drive outcomes for schools. check out the latest research from wainhouse.

3. Do Your Work in the Campus Center

Doesn’t sound like you? Maybe that’s a sign you should. Being in public spaces where students or other staff members (who you don’t see) hang out is a great way to ignite connection.

Instead of working in your office or at home, make an effort to head to the library or campus center for an hour.
4. Invite Students to Common Space for Office Hours

Having a hard time getting students to come to office hours? Make it a party!

Whether your students are online or in-person, finals, assessments, or problem sets are always right around the corner. By hosting a group study session, you’ll be able to connect with a lot individuals at a time. If time is an issue, invite student experts to lead the study session for you (giving them a treat for coming) and just act as facilitator while doing other work.

No physical space? That’s ok too! With so many online meeting tools, having face-to-face meetings has never been more convenient.


5. Make Use of Campus “Grams”

Tons of organizations on campus sell “grams” over the holidays to raise money for their group or a group of their choice. By buying grams in bulk for your students or coworkers, you’re not only showing them you care but most likely benefiting a cause or community on campus. Win-Win!


6. Attend a campus event

As the end of year nears, holiday events, dances, sports, and community parties start to ramp up. Make it a point to attend one or more of these and you may just spark conversation with a student you don’t normally.

It’s a great way to get involved and gain a new appreciation for your students or other staff members.


7. Raffle off lunch or coffee


Have your students write their names down on a piece of paper, tear it off, and put in a hat. Draw names and take one of our students out to coffee or lunch on you. It can be content related or not, but might be a fun way to get to know an individual in your class (of potentially 300 or more!).

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