The 3 Things Students Need to Succeed

As an educational community, we spend a disproportionate amount of time focused on student failure:

  • Why aren’t students ready for college?
  • Why do so many students dropout?
  • Why is it so hard to get a good job after graduation?

While these investigations are certainly useful, we decided to flip this traditional approach on its head and ask the opposite question:

What makes the best students succeed?

In other words, we know a lot about why students fail (lack of preparation, financial difficulties, etc.) but wouldn’t it be interesting to understand more about why others succeed? Because if we know about what drives success, we can potentially help at-risk students tap into some of these same strategies.

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To this end, we reviewed over two dozen articles on student persistence (i.e., what makes students succeed) and found three traits that appeared time-and-again. We call them the 3 Ps.

To learn more about what drives success and how you can help your own students build these traits, read on:

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